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Subscription Plan

We are considering fundamental changes to how Helix upgrades are purchased. The subscription plan is one such idea and is the focus of this survey. (This survey is referenced by the December 31, 2009 edition of The Latest Word. Please read this carefully before interpreting the results of this survey.)

Time Frame

This survey ran January 1 – 31, 2010. The results are summarized below. Implications of this will be published in 2011.

The Survey
How likely would you be to subscribe to the monthly macOS RADE Preview Releases if the subscription price was… < Less Likely … … … More Likely >
$10.00/month 91% would pay $10/month.
$15.00/month 82% would pay $15/month.
$20.00/month 71% would pay $20/month.
$25.00/month 53% would pay $25/month.
$50.00/month 23% would pay $50/month.
Would you be interested in a subscription plan that covers all (or some) of your Helix licenses? 65% would be interested.