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Helix 7.0 New and Improved Feature Technotes

Helix 7.0 is a major upgrade, with over 50 new or improved features. The largest of these have dedicated technotes, which are listed below.

If you read nothing else on this page, please read the Before You Update to Helix 7.0 technote, which details changes you must be aware of, as some may require that you make changes to your collections before updating.

Not all new features get dedicated technotes! The Helix 7.0 Release Notes page contains all of the features and bug fixes that are part of the 7.0 release. It is arranged into logical overview sections, but due to the sheer number of new features, completed features, and bug fixes, it is a fairly intimidating document. But every new feature, updated feature, and bug fix is mentioned on that page, so familiarizing yourself with its contents is recommended.

The ‘(R#)’ appended to each technote refers to the techdb report number in which this item was discussed.


Important Changes

New Features (All Products)

Designer Specific New Features (RADE and AppleScript)

Client/Server Specific New Features

Helix Utility Specific New Features

Additional Technotes