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Updating to Helix 6.2 from Helix 5.3.2 or earlier

Beginning with Helix 6.2, the Update Collection application is obsolete. The process of updating a collection for a new version is now built directly into Helix RADE, Server, and Engine, so future updates will not require the additional application that was part of earlier upgrades.

However, Helix 6.2 does not have the ability to update collections for Helix 5.3 or earlier. Collections must be updated to Helix 6.0 before they can be opened with Helix 6.2.

This technote outlines options for updating older collections for use with Helix 6.2.

Updating Older Collections

There are four ways to upgrade a collection from Helix 5.3 or earlier to Helix 6.2…

  1. If your old Mac is still running and is running OS 8 or 9 natively, then use that machine to:
    1. Download one of the 6.0 installers from this page (We suggest this one, but for some people, this one is needed.)
    2. Run that installer, choose the Custom install, and install just the Update Collection applications.
    3. Use Update Collection 6.0 (installed in the previous step) to update (a copy of) the collection to 6.0.
    4. Copy the updated collection to your Intel Mac where Helix 6.2 is installed.
  2. If your old Mac is a PowerPC Mac running macOS 10.3 thru 10.5, or an Intel Mac running macOS 10.4 thru 10.6, then:
    1. Download Update Collection OS X via this link. (If you do not already have a copy.)
    2. Use that application to update the collection on the old Mac. (Drag and drop your collection onto the application or launch the application and use the ‘Open’ menu item to select your collection.)
    3. Copy the updated collection to your Intel Mac where Helix 6.2 is installed.
  3. Send a copy of your collection(s) to us. We will update and return them to you right away. Contact technical support to make arrangements.
  4. Wait for Helix 7.0, which restores the ability to update older collections as far back as Helix Express 3.5. (For older collections, contact us for support.)
Backwards Compatibility

Helix 6.2 is fully compatible with Helix 6.0 & 6.1: you can open any 6.x collection with any Helix application from 6.0 through 6.2. When backwards compatibility is no longer possible, an update dialog warns of the permanence of the update, and suggests making a backup before proceeding, in case you decide to revert to an earlier version of Helix.

Helix 7.0 and Updating Collections

Helix 7.0 contains an integrated collection updater that can update collections as far back as Helix Express 3.5. For assistance updating collections older than Helix Express 3.5, contact QSA ToolWorks’ technical support department.