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This section of the Helix Knowledgebase contains information related to specific technical issues.

  • The Current Issues section details current issues along with workarounds.
  • The Bug Fixes section discusses prominent bug fixes in older versions of Helix.
  • The Helix Diagnostics section covers diagnostic issues.
  • The Older Issues section lists issues that have been resolved in the current version of Helix, but merit discussion for users of older versions.

If you have a particularly well-documented explanation of a Helix function, please consider submitting it. You will be given full-credit for your entry, even if it is nothing more than a better way of saying something than the way we already say it.


Be sure to check our online Helix database techdb for more techiques. The searchable log contains discussion on issues raised during calls and emails received by Helix technical support. Articles on this page that reference a TS number refer to specific techdb entries.

Tips & Techniques

Many items formerly listed on this page have been moved to their own Tips & Techniques page.

Current Issues With or without workarounds
General Issues

Full Keyboard Access Issues in macOS

R9043: Helix Server and Internal Tracking of Client Support Structure

R8323: A Query Restriction that Appears to Fail

R7770: Collection Crashes After Applying a Clippings File

R7708: Changes to Sorting and Equivalency in macOS (HTAB/3000 issue)

R7173: Helix Can’t Create a New Collection (-48 error)

R6903: Copy/Cut Fails in Sequences

Playing the Interface (An addendum to R6903)

R6857: PPC Only: Critical: Externally stored documents can be deleted during export

R6405: Page Setup is not retained between launches

R6112: Printing Unentered Records (With Post On Print Caveats)

TS2546: Enter vs. Return on keyboards with one key

TS2474: Field value incrementing using Post All and the Max tile

TS2351: Recovering from Fatal Damage caused by corrupt pictures

TS2338: Helix crashes immediately when opening a collection

TS1939: Incorrect Application Launch in macOS

TS1240: macOS and Helix startup conflict

TS958: A deleted field reverts to its previous value when entered

BZ938: Running Helix Client and Helix Server on the same computer

BZ885: PowerPC & Intel Logfile format incompatibility

BZ740: Option 4 Posting bug in Find and Print All

Bug Fixes
Helix 7.0.x

Helix 7.0: Complete list of bug fixes and improvements in Helix 7.0

Helix 6.2.x

Helix 6.2.4: Complete list of bug fixes and improvements in Helix 6.2.4

Helix 6.2.3: Complete list of bug fixes and improvements in Helix 6.2.3

Helix 6.2.2: Complete list of bug fixes and improvements in Helix 6.2.2

Helix 6.2.1: Complete list of bug fixes and improvements in Helix 6.2.1

R8254: Slow Opening of Collection with many Post Operations

Helix Diagnostics

How to Report Crashes in macOS native Helix

Collection Damage: Repair Procedure

Collection Damage: When the resource fork has been lost

TS2351: Recovering from Fatal Damage caused by corrupt pictures (error 16 & 18)

TS1607: Helix Collection Can’t Find Recovery File

Older Version Issues With or without workarounds
Helix 6.1.x

R6750: Helix 6.1.5 (145) Only: Subform Summaries Print Incorrect Values

R6735: Helix 6.1.4 Only: Background Operations Could Fail

BZ1034: Helix 6.1.3: Conditional Sequence runs too many times (Fixed Point bug)

BZ979: Helix 6.1.3: Collection Damage reported after Apple events access

BZ976: Helix 6.1.3: Lists fail to display all data when there are more than 32,000 records

BZ957: Helix 6.1.3: Picture tile returns ‘format unsupported’ for external documents (Helix Server for Intel only)

BZ904: Helix 6.1.3: Registration dialog fails to convert key input to upper case

BZ900: Helix 6.1.3: Option 1 post to cold form view with defaulted field results in index corruption

BZ955: Helix 6.1.2: Pasting pictures larger than 32K fails

BZ954: Helix 6.1.2: Date queries fail (Helix Server for Intel only)

: Helix 6.1.1: Classic Client 6.1 (054) can not find Server

TS2233: Helix 6.1.1: Crash Recovery: pictures over 64K are lost

BZ777: Helix 6.1.1: AutoOpen post with omitted Key Field corrupts index

BZ903: Helix 6.1.1: PORT resource value ignored (Server only)

TS2069: RADE crash when attempting to paste complex view

TS2068: RADE crash when attempting to copy/paste large structures

TS2067: RADE: Duplicated command rectangle naming issue

TS2027: RADE: Paste Structure dialog fails to select sequences & users

TS2013: All: Intermittent posting failures

TS1992: RADE: User View Permissions are inadvertently restricted

TS1965: Server: Running on Intel-based Mac crashes when Client posts

TS1912: RADE: Crash when locked icons are selected

Helix 6.0

Helix 6.0.1 Release Notes

TS1713: Helix Server 6.0 crash on data replace

Helix 5.x & earlier

Helix 5.2: Helix Database has corrupt Fixed Point data after reading Logfile

Helix Client 5.2: Helix Client crashes when relaunching Under macOS

D136: Helix Client crash when Helix Server finishes a save

D183: Helix Server 4.5.5 known issues

D136: Helix Client crash when Helix Server finishes a save

D682: Lookups to constant data inaccurate on open lists

Classic-only Issues

Lookups in Popups: A Caveat

TSD22002: Undefined indexes can compound collection damage

TS2303: Printing from Classic Helix sometimes fails to print

TS2038: Printing from Classic Helix to macOS only printers

TS1648: Design Mode vertical scroll bar disappears in large relations

TS1042: Deleting an icon results in a damaged collection

TS960: Subform or list won’t open the selected entry view

BZ1051: Editing rectangles containing graphics via dialog can corrupt collection

BZ990: Deleting an icon formerly used in an abacus used by a query can damage collection

BZ901: ‘No Index’ option not retained when pasting structure

WindowShade Problem: Collapse a window and buttons don’t work when you open it back up

Get Info: Command Keys Inactive In Reference List

"WindowShade" Problem: Collapse a window and buttons don’t work when you open it back up

Date Storage in Helix Express 4.5.1 and Earlier (Y2K)

Helix Maintenance Manager

Helix Maintenance Manager Knowledgebase