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Products and services that support and extend the Helix paradigm

References on this page recognize the contributions that these companies and individuals have made and continue to make to advancing the Helix state-of-the-art. They do not constitute an endorsement by QSA ToolWorks. (Links to our own material are also included where appropriate.)

Please note that most of the links below take you out of our website.

Learning Helix

Helix FTP site — Browse the Helix ftp site for samples, downloads, and documents that may help you with Helix. Samples provided by QSA ToolWorks staff and many Helix users.

Helix Advanced Techniques on DVD — Chuck’s complete advanced techniques course on three DVDs plus a CD-ROM of examples and techniques. Created by CLH Ware, sold exclusively by QSA ToolWorks.

Discussing Helix

The Helix List — An independently operated email discussion list where users and developers exchange ideas, questions, solutions, techniques and workarounds related to Helix products. Archives can be searched via the Google Groups mirror.
Hosted by Helix end-user Gib Henry.

Extending Helix

Commercial Products

The Helix Code Exchange contains helper applications that extend the power of Helix and Helix’s clippings that add new functionality to your collections.

qilanQilan — Qilan ("Kee-lan"), by Common Ground Softworks, enables a Helix application to communicate via the web using macOS servers. Helix retrieval/storage can be incorporated into JSP pages, so developers can utilize JSP technology along with Helix connectivity. Qilan demo page.

Free Products

Apple events API — Downloadable API that shows how to write Apple event code to communicate with Helix. Includes samples from the PowerMover code.

Java — Downloadable API for communicating with Helix via Java. Written by Tim Hingeley and donated to the Helix community as freeware.

Python — Downloadable API for communicating with Helix via Java. Written by Ryan Wilcox, the Python API provides the foundation of the Helix Web Store.

Frontier — Downloadable API for communicating with Helix via UserLand Frontier, for those who still live in the Classic enviroment. Written by Steve Keller and updated by Ryan Wilcox.


Free Products

Rezilla — A macOS native resource editor. Editing resources is one way to tweak programs, including Helix.

ResEdit — The Classic resource editor from Apple.


Stuffit Expander — Unstuff old (Classic and early macOS) installation packages, manuals, and other files.

Apple, Inc.