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Helix Advanced Techniques on DVD

Note: This DVD training course is based on Helix RADE Classic. It does not contain any information on Helix RADE for macOS.

QSA ToolWorks has, since its inception, relied on Chuck Hinkle to provide live Helix training. Training is conducted at various places (primarily in the United States) on an "as needed" basis. New sessions are announced on the Helix training page of our web site.

DVDFor those who can't attend a live session (or can't wait for the next one to be scheduled) Chuck Hinkle’s advanced techniques course is now available on three DVDs plus a CD-ROM of examples and techniques. This $200.00 package covers the complete agenda for the Advanced Training course. (Donuts not included.)

For example, If you find yourself needing to switch into Design Mode too tweak your database far too often, the lesson on Global Preferences (aka: Global Variables) is worth the price of the DVDs alone.

Some of the Topics Covered Include…

  • Effective use of color
  • Assigning unique record IDs
  • Hidden ID dynamic popups
  • Validation techniques
  • Controlling subform behavior
  • Distant linking
  • Inert forms
  • Global preferences
  • Deletion confirmation
  • Report center
  • Creating charts and maps
  • Security and control
  • Using a button bar
  • Print suppression
  • Complex reports
  • Conditional printing
  • Optimizing search
  • Self-joins
  • Complex (custom) searches
  • List processing tricks
  • Creating static web pages
  • Changing keys and values
  • Debugging tricks
  • Conditional post actions
  • Design methodology

Sample Lesson

Here is a sample lesson from the DVD. The size is reduced to save bandwidth, but we wanted to try to show you as much of the quality of the video as possible, so this may take a while to download. (24MB)