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Helix 7.0.3 Release Notes Companion TLW

These release notes describe bug fixes and other improvements in Helix 7.0.3. Please read them carefully.

These release notes are divided into three sections: New/Improved Features, Fixes for bugs found in Helix 7 and later, and Fixes for bugs found in Helix 6.2.4 and earlier. You can click the section titles to show or hide each section.

Release Date: September 26, 2017

Important Notes

Helix 7.0.3 is not backwards compatible with 7.0.2 or earlier. Helix Client users should not update until the Helix Servers they connect to have been updated.

Helix 7.0.3 requires macOS 10.6 or later; macOS 10.9 or later is recommended.

New/Improved Features

Design Mode (Helix RADE)

Linefeed support for comments in list mode R9346

Minor improvements have been made to the handling of text for collections and relations in List mode:

  • Shift-Return can now be used to insert a linefeed in comments.
  • Columns are now soft wrapped when a row is made tall enough to show more than a single line.
  • Double clicking on a row border enlarges the cell to show additional lines of text, corresponding to the number of linefeeds in the comment. (Double clicking a row border in the Inspector enlarges the row regardless of the presence of linefeeds.)
R9435: Post configuration lacking details in Inspector R9435

In prior versions, the Post configuration button simply stated which Option (0–4) was selected; it was necessary to click into the dialog to get the details. The button’s text is now more descriptive of what the post will do. Samples:

  • Option 0 when Cust# is defined
  • Option 1 first Cust# = Cust# in Customers
  • Option 2 every Cust# = Cust# in Customers
  • Option 2 create in Customers when Cust # is defined
  • Option 3 on enter, create in Customers
  • Option 4 on delete, create in Customers

It is still necessary that the collection designer have a basic grasp of what each option does, but the additional details should provide an ‘at a glance’ reminder of the configuration details.

User Mode (RADE, Engine, and Client/Server)

Fully support Full Keyboard Access (FKA) R8637

Full Keyboard Access (FKA) is now officially supported in Helix User mode. See the Full Keyboard Access technote and R8637 in techdb for additional information.

New view property: If Control File Exists R9368

The If Document Exists property (which has four options: {Ask, Replace, Skip, Stop}) was formerly used for both the export (control) file and for documents exported from the view. This created an unnecessary limitation when setting up automated export sequences.

The two functions are now split between two distinct properties:

  1. The If Control File Exists property (found in the Import/Export Properties section of the Inspector) determines the action when an existing file is found in the location specified for the exported text (control) file.
  2. The If Documents Exist property (found in the Document Import/Export Properties section of the Inspector) determines the action when an existing file is found in the location to which a document is to be exported as part of a record.

Additional Notes:

  • The existing setting for each view’s If Document Exists property is automatically transferred to both of the new properties when a collection is updated to Helix 7.0.3, maintaining the existing behavior of sequences. The collection designer will need to make changes to take advantage of the new flexibility of Helix 7.0.3.
  • The AppleScript dictionary has been updated to reflect these changes. The existing control file (code Mcpt) property is added to the view object to correspond with the new If control file exists property. The existing documents (code Mopt) property now corresponds to the If documents exist property, in its more limited scope.
  • See the Document Management Clarifications technote for additional details.
Document Management functions in sequences (clarifications and improvements) R9391

In addition to a number of bug fixes (see below) Helix 7.0.3 features a number of improvements to document management functions when they are run from within a sequence. See this technote for details.

Data export in a sequence improved R9407

Exporting data from within a sequence has been improved in various ways:

  • When stopping record exporting within a sequence, the sequence’s on error property is now honored. But note that when on error is set to ‘Return’ clicking the ‘Stop’ button within a document replacement dialog results in a subsequent dialog asking whether to stop just the export step or the entire sequence. This ‘loose interpretation’ of the specification for this property in this case enables collection designers to create sequences that will continue, stop, or let the user decide, as the situation warrants.
  • The Classic Helix “four button dialog” (a self-baked replica of the pre-Appearance Manager dialog format) is replaced with a pair of macOS dialogs, since macOS dialogs are limited to 3 buttons without resorting to tricks. The first dialog contains buttons labeled {Stop, More Options, Replace}; clicking ‘More Options’ presents a second dialog with buttons {Back, Skip, New} providing access to all four options Helix supports.
  • A similar dialog that appears when exporting documents does not — and never has — supported the option to export a new, renamed document.
  • The message that appears when a user attempts to cancel a sequence has been reworded to try to clarify the results of such behavior.
New preference to control sequence steps R9344

When a sequence is running, it must wait for a view to completely draw (come to quiescence) before it can act upon that view. In recent versions of Helix, sequences wait for every view to complete before going to the next step, which can result in delays. Helix 7.0.3 adds an option to change the behavior to only wait for the frontmost window, as that is the only one the next sequence step can act upon.

Although we are fairly confident that this will benefit many users, it was added fairly late in the development of Helix 7.0.3, so in an abundance of caution, we chose to leave the existing behavior — waiting for all windows to draw before going to the next step — intact, and add the change as a preference that can be turned on by those who would like to experiment with it.

Setting HxSequenceFullQuiescence to false causes sequences to go to the next step as soon as the frontmost window is drawn (quiescent), ignoring windows in the background, which may improve the performance of sequences for some users.

Helix Preference Editor has been updated to include this setting. Look in the ‘Debugging’ section. For Client/Server users, the change must be made on the Client workstations.

See Sequence errors due to lack of ‘Draw Screen’ commands below for additional information.

Helix Client only

Use Shift key to access items in the “Connect To” window R9360

Holding down the Shift key while double clicking an item in the Connect To… panel of the Connect to window now reveals that item in the Finder. This makes the process of adding a connection document to the Dock or of removing obsolete connection documents easier.

Helix Server only

Preventing ‘App Nap’ no longer required R9367

Helix Server no longer requires the user enable the Prevent App Nap option in the application’s “Get Info” window.


Abacus tile data type output R9385

When using AppleScript to examine the tiles in an abacus, it can be useful to know which “data type” a specific tile outputs, particularly for tiles that can output various data types depending on the inputs. To enable this capability, two new properties data type and potential data types have been added to the tile class. See the complete AppleScript dictionary for details on these new properties.

AppleScript ‘store records’ (legacy suite) now supports external documents R9405

The store records command in the legacy Apple event (AE) suite has historically bypassed rectangles containing document fields, but a legitimate mechanism for importing documents — by supplying the path to the document — has been implemented for Import via UI. AE now supports this, with two caveats:

  1. The full (HFS) path to the document must be supplied. When importing a text file, specifying the Document location as ‘with control file’ can be used to specify documents by name alone when they are stored in the same folder as the text (aka: control) file being imported. When an AppleScript is running, its location is irrelevant, and there is no ‘folder’ to use as the root for a partial filepath. An error (210: Problem with input data) is returned when the path can not be resolved.
  2. Only External document storage is supported. An error (120: Internal document storage is not supported) is returned when a path is passed to a document field whose Storage property is set to ‘Always Internal.’

Additional Notes:

  • A sample collection and script demonstrating this new capability is found in the collection examples section of our web site.
  • Because Helix still relies on HFS paths, Unicode characters are not allowed in the path or filename, and no folder in the path can have a name longer than 63 characters. (For lengths from 32–63, HFS creates an encoded version of the name to work within the 31 character limit of HFS.)
  • macOS 10.6 and later support paths up to 1024 characters, so the maximum string length test is increased from 255 to 1023. An error (100: Text length is too long) is returned if the path exceeds 1023 characters. (But the Finder is probably already crashing, so you’ll probably never see this error.)
  • Error 100 used to be ‘String length in list longer than 255 characters’ but has been changed to ‘Text length is too long’ since the actual limit varies from place to place.
  • Error 120 used to be ‘Form not compiled’ but that is obsolete in Helix 7, so this error code has been changed to ‘Internal document storage is not supported.’
Bug Fixes (7.0 or Later)

This section details fixes to bugs that were new in Helix 7.0 or later.

Design Mode (Helix RADE)

Issues duplicating a command rectangle containing an image R9339

Two issues were reported related to duplicating command rectangles containing images:

  • Duplicating a command rectangle containing an image was also expected to duplicate the image, but it was not. This is fixed.
  • If a template containing a command rectangle that contains an image was duplicated, the collection would report a 1B error the next time it was checked with Helix Utility. This is fixed.
Date Modified not updated when applying structure R9316

When applying structure, the Date Modified property was not being updated for an icon unless the process created a new icon in the targeted collection. Likewise, applying an icon within a relation was failing to update the relation’s modifiction date, as would happen if you edited the icon directly.

In Helix 7.0.3, the Date Modified property of every ‘real’ (non-reference) icon in the clipping and all of its ancestors is updated to the time the clipping is applied. Reference icons in the clipping are not updated. This change means that all modified icons are now properly noted, at the expense of identifying some that are effectively not modified. Technically, these ‘false positives’ are being modified since the structure is being replaced by the contents of the clipping. The difficulty in assigning modification dates to applied structure is in knowing whether a source icon being applied actually represents a change, or is in fact identical to the target icon. We tried a number (two) of ways to determine whether whether or not the icons being applied actually represent changes, or are identical to the icons they are replacing. In the end, we determined that although it should be possible to make such a determination, it would require more time than the effective benefit is worth.

Crash when a tile is orphaned before abacus is committed R9332

Creating a legal tile chain in a new abacus, then deleting a ‘middle’ tile without having previously committed the abacus could result in a crash. This is fixed.

Applying structure turns on ‘Fit to page’ R9364

Clippings coming from 6.2.4 or earlier have no Fit to page data, and use the logic that is applied when a collection is updated to determine the proper Fit to page setting.

Clippings coming from 7.0–7.0.2 use the default for new views, which results in Fit to page being turned on when a view is updated regardless of the value of that property in the source clipping.

Clippings coming from 7.0.3 or later properly transfer the Fit to page property from the clipping to the collection.

See the Printing in Helix 7.0 technote for additional details about the Fit to page property.

Duplicating a label rectangle containing a picture and replacing the picture results in an error in Helix Utility R9378

If a picture label rectangle was duplicated, and the picture in either of the rectangles was replaced before the template was committed, Helix Utility reported an error. This is fixed.

Crash when moving tiles in an abacus window via keyboard R9443

Using the keyboard to move tiles would sometimes result in a crash if a tile arrow was part of the selection. This is fixed.

Reverting posting can lead to a crash R9446

If a post is switched from Option 1–4 to Option 0 (i.e: the target relation is deselected) and then the icon is reverted, Helix would crash. This is fixed. See also Need stronger indication when post triplet is illegal and Posting triplets do not show invalid highlighting when operator is chosen first below.

User Mode (RADE, Engine, and Client/Server)

Scroll wheel scrolling fails or goes slowly R9170

In Helix 7.0–7.0.2, if you use a mouse (or other pointing device) to scroll a window while hovering over a group box, the whole window should scroll, but nothing was happening. This is fixed.

Also, when hovering over a data rectangle with a vertical scroll bar, scrolling the data rectangle became slower and slower. This is also fixed.

The rule for scrolling when hovering over a data rectangle is now: scrolling focuses on that rectangle if and only if it has a vertical scroll bar. Otherwise, scrolling focus goes to the window.

Document export fails to use changed path R9211

Exporting a document created via the Change ▣ Name To ▣ and Change ▣ Path To ▣ tiles failed when the source document was stored externally, due to confusion over the original vs the changed document paths. This is fixed.

Constructed document path fails to find document R9218

Although this bug (first reported in Helix 7.0) was fixed in Helix 7.0.1, that fix made it impossible to fix R9211. (See above.) Helix 7.0.3 implements a new fix which allows both R9211 & R9218 to work according to the prior specification. (See R9211 for changes to document exporting.)

It should be noted that document handling and picture rendering apply divergent logic, which explains why a fix for pictures in 7.0.2 would have an adverse effects on documents. While the fix we have implemented may not be the long-term resolution — macOS is still undergoing changes in alias handling — for now it seems best to maintain the (flawed as it may be) specification as it has been: for pictures only, the pathname and filename in the document are used to locate the picture; the alias, which always points to the original document, is not consulted at all. (Unlike other document handling operations, such as export, which must locate the original in order to export it with the new name/path. (This image illustrates the crossed-up logic.)

Multi-page template fails to print secondary pages via sequence R9330

A single template that prints multiple pages worked as expected when the Print dialogs were displayed, but printing via a sequence set to optionally or never show the dialogs would print only the first page. This is fixed.

Note: this is not referring to a list printing multiple pages or an entry view printing multiple records via “Find and Print All”: this bug only affected the printing of a single record from a large template designed to print multiple pages.

Sequence printing without dialogs failure R9330

When a view is printed, its macOS ‘print record’ is stored (in the template) so that printing from a sequence can replay that print record, producing the same result. (Page range, number of copies, etc.) If the stored print record contains an unresolvable issue, such as specifying a printer that is currently not available, Helix would attempt to print anyway, sometimes resulting in a crash or other unusual behavior. Helix no longer attempts to print if such an error is detected.

It should be noted (again) that the solution to this problem is to set sequences that print to optionally show dialogs. In the event of a printing issue, the user can hold down the Option key when starting the sequence to enable access to the dialogs where proper settings can be specified.

Changing a power query popup does not register as a change R9342

In a power query window, changing a Search Operator popup should enable the ‘Apply’ button. This worked in Helix 7.0.1, but was lost in 7.0.2. It is now restored.

Sequence errors due to lack of ‘Draw Screen’ commands R9344

Sequences in older collections that are being updated to Helix 7.0 appear to fail because of the expectation introduced in Helix 6.2 that a ‘Draw Screen’ command be inserted before certain operations. Helix 7.0 addressed this by inserting a deliberate pause between steps. Unfortunately, the result was extreme delays (seconds) between sequences steps, to the point that users concluded that Helix was hung, when in reality it was being exceedingly cautious before moving to the next step.

Helix 7.0.2 over-corrected that swing, with the result that some steps would execute ‘too soon.’ For example, a Delete All command after opening a list view with a slow query would process the delete command before the list was completely gathered, resulting in some of the intended records not being deleted. As with Helix 6.2.x, the solution again was to judiciously insert ‘Draw Screen’ commands prior to critical sequence steps.

Helix 7.0.3 modifies the ‘between steps’ process in another attempt to make inserting ‘Draw Screen’ commands unnecessary, hopefully without reintroducing unnecessary delays.

See also New preference to control sequence steps above.

Can not click in a group box to get out of a data rectangle R9345

Clicking anywhere outside a data rectangle should remove focus from that rectangle, but clicking in the shaded area of a group box would not. This is fixed.

Every exported document has an extra character appended to its name R9350

When the Document location property is set to ‘with control file’ exported documents were adding a extra character (typically a ‘0’) to the name. There are two issues here:

  1. Exporting should not be creating incremental copies
  2. When a document named, for example, picture.jpg is exported as picture.jpg0 the resulting file is not properly identified as a .jpg and macOS will no longer recognize it as a .jpg file.

These issues are fixed. See Document Management Functions in Sequences (Clarifications and Improvements) above and the corresponding technote for additional details.

Crash when pasting more than 32,000 characters into a styled text field R9351

Pasting Unicode text in excess of 32,767 characters would result in a crash. This is fixed.

Crash when updating collections with many pictures R9352

A collection containing thousands of pictures could fail to update to Helix 7, due to the way space within the collection was being allocated during the update process. This is fixed.

Consistent Paste Records import error & crash R9354

Attempting to add records via the Paste Records command would either crash if more than 2048 characters were pasted, or return an error message that was incomplete. Both of these Unicode issues are fixed.

Unicode characters in collection name are mangled in copy protection dialog R9369

A collection name containing Unicode characters is now displayed correctly in the copy protection dialog.

“Document Name” and “Document Path” tiles display Unicode text incorrectly R9363

The Document Name ▣ tile now correctly returns a file name containing Unicode characters, unless the position of that character causes it to cross the 31 character limit of HFS document encoding.

The Document Path ▣ tile can not be updated until Helix’s document handling model is updated. (See R8921 & R9335)

Extract Tiles fail with Styled Text characters R9372

The Extract ▣ through ▣ from ▣ tile was failing when the input was Styled Text. This is fixed.

Copyright line on splash screen starts with garbage character R9382

The copyright notice on the Helix splash screen now displays properly.

Access Logging fails silently when Unicode characters are involved R9383

When logging user access (via HxUserAccessLogging and its action-specific cousins) to a collection, logging was silently failing when any icon name (including the collection itself) being accessed contained Unicode characters. This is fixed.

List page top aligns on first click R9408

When a list is open and scrolled to some random point, clicking anywhere in the window was causing the contents to shift to align the page with the top of the window. This interfered with the ability to easily double click a record, and is now fixed.

Pasting data copied from a PDF into a label rectangle or a picture field failed R9422

Although Helix 7 uses pdf as the internal format for pictures, attempting to paste an image copied from a pdf document would result in nothing being pasted. This is fixed.

View processing commands are occasionally disabled R9433

Occasionally, a view processing command (enter, open query, print, etc.) would be disabled when an entry form was activated, even though the command should be enabled. Deactivating and reactivating the view would work around the problem. This is fixed.

View set to ask for permission to replace file on export does not ask R9437

When a sequence that does not show dialogs exports a control file for a form, it is supposed to respond to the presence of an existing file according to the specification {ask, replace, skip, stop} of the If document exists property. Regardless of the setting, Helix 7.0–7.0.2 replace the file. Helix 7.0.3 returns to the correct behavior by honoring the setting of the (new) If control file exists property.

The export process was also failing to reset the end-of-file (EOF) marker, so if the prior content was longer than the content replacing it, extra content would remains at the end of the exported file. This is also fixed.

See also the information on data export in sequences in the New/Improved Features section above.

Helix Update crashes without application write permission R9438

Helix Update would crash if it was unable to write changes to itself, which would be the case for a macOS user without administrative access, as well as other situations. There is no need to write changes to Helix Update so this is fixed by ceasing ask for permission.

Helix Client only

Power Query invalid entry shading persistence R9135

As data is entered in a power query search value field, the field’s background is shaded red when the value is invalid, such as when a date has been partially typed. Older versions were failing to remove the shading when the entry became valid. This is fixed.

Connection dialog does not respond properly on some machines R9175

Double clicking on a connection document listed in the Connect To… list of the Connect To dialog would sometimes fail to produce any response, except for perhaps a slight flicker as the dialog went away and immediately returned. This is fixed.

View with subform fails to reach quiescence R9327

Our performance test suite identified a problem with a complex subform that fails to reach quiescence, leaving checkerboards on screen indefinitely.

By itself, that’s an issue, but when the subform is in a sequence, it means the sequence would hang until the user clicked “Cancel” in the sequence dialog or (more likely) Force Quits Client.

This issue is fixed: views should never fail to completely draw.

Crash on first reopen after structure changes R9384

After downloading an updated connection document, Helix Client would crash the first time a view with a button containing a picture was opened. This is fixed.

Crash when a mouse event happens during a view’s rebuild phase R9392

By examining Client crash logs submitted via techdb, it was discovered that many crashes were related to ‘mouse wheel’ events. Using this evidence, we discovered that any ‘scrolling event’ (mouse wheel, page up/down/home/end, clicking in scroll bar, etc.) that occurred in a window while that window’s contents were being redrawn would trigger a crash. This is fixed, and many ‘random’ crashes that can now be attributed to itchy mouse fingers are eliminated.

Bug Fixes (6.2.4 or Earlier)

Design Mode (Helix RADE)

Illegal post operations can still be OK’d R7896

The post configuration dialog no longer allows meaningless setups, such as a post with no source value set to post every matching record, or an Option 1 post with a target value but no source value.

Need stronger indication when post triplet is illegal R8034

The validity checking that shades an invalid triplet is now used to disable the OK button as well. See also Reverting post leads to crash above and Posting triplets do not show invalid highlighting when operator is chosen first below.

Icons left open in Classic can now be deleted R9310

Field and post icons had their own editor windows in Classic; in macOS they use the Inspector. If a field or post was left open the last time the collection was in Classic Design Mode, that icon’s ‘open’ flag remained set, and Helix will not delete an open icon. Helix 7.0.3 resets all field and post icons to ‘closed’ so they can now be deleted.

Changing abacus used for Conditional Style does not send dependency to view R9325

If an abacus used as the calculation of a conditional style was modified (and committed), it was necessary to close and reopen its view (or modify the template) to see the change. This is fixed: the view immediately refreshes to show the results of the modified conditional style.

Form Count might be wrong with an ‘Ad Hoc’ query R9370

When records are selected on a list view (creating an ad hoc query) and the entry view is then opened, an abacus containing a Form Count tile displayed on the entry view did not always accurately reflect the number of records in the query. This is fixed.

Precedence of Invisible vs Document type is backwards R9389

If a document is both invisible and of ‘document’ (not ‘plain’) type, the hint in the Contents field report it as “D” (Document). Invisibility trumps type, so it is now reported as “I”.

Posting triplets do not show invalid highlighting when operator is chosen first R9446

There was inconsistency in the posting triplet dialog: when an icon from the Source Data column was chosen before the Post Operator, the row was highlighted as an invalid row, since the triplet was incomplete at that point. However, when the Post Operator was subsequently selected, the row remained highlighted, as though it were still invalid.

Conversely, when an icon was chosen from the Post Operator column before an operator from the Source Data column, the row was not highlighted as an invalid row as it should have been until a Source Data icon was chosen.

These issues are fixed: incomplete posting triplets always highlight as invalid, and the highlighting now goes away when the triplet becomes valid.

See also Reverting post leads to crash and Need stronger indication when post triplet is illegal above.

User Mode (RADE, Engine, and Client/Server)

Deleting from a list skips records after going into the background on hot form R9075

In prior versions of Helix, putting Helix into the background while deleting records from a list would result in significantly reduced performance, and an occasional failure to delete every record on the list. Both of these issues are fixed.

Power Query word text searches are not sanity checked R9135

In Helix 6.2.4 (and earlier) setting a word search to multiple words gave no indication that this query could never be true, and would always return no records. This was fixed in Helix 7.0.2 but not documented at the time. (This note has been retroactively added to that version’s release notes page as well.)

View with subform slows down with repetitive printing R9333

A view that contains a subform could introduce a delay when it was closed, increasing by the number of times the view was printed. This is fixed.

Some byte streams result in Helix Utility reporting type 16 or 18 errors R9353

This error goes back to the early days of Helix. When reserving space to store a picture, 16 extra bytes are allocated. (These 16 bytes are used by documents, but not pictures.) The bug struck when a picture’s size was 16 bytes or less under a multiple of 16K, causing the allocation process to reserve an extra block for data, but never actually writing to it. Although Helix itself is perfectly happy with this situation, Helix Utility reports this as a major issue (a 16 or 18 error, depending on whether the picture was in a record or a template rectangle). This has been true since the introduction of the Document data type, and it is a bit surprising that the error did not appear more often.

The proper fix for this bug would be to rewrite every picture stored in every collection, reclaiming those extra 16K blocks, but that was deemed to be a time-consuming process best avoided during a minor update. Instead, the fix implemented understands the nature of the bug and makes sure the final (unused) block is properly written, so that no error is reported.

A ‘time only’ field could store date component incorrectly R9379

When a datetime field’s Date style property is set to display ‘Omit date’, the date component of that field should always be stored as “1/1/0001”. Errors in the input parser made it possible to enter times that resulted in the date component being stored as “1/2/0001”. Three distinct bugs were fixed:

  1. Helix’s “string to time” parser accepted 24 as a valid hour: it should have stopped at 23, since 24:00 is the next day. (Typing 24:00 in a date field resulted in 1/2/0001 00:00 being stored in the field.) Helix now rejects 24 as an invalid hour value.
  2. Helix’s “string to time” parser didn’t validate minutes or seconds at all. You could enter something bizarre, like 23:2444:2555 and Helix would ‘do the math’ and come up with the equivalent time. Both minutes and seconds are now limited to input in the range of 059.
  3. If a datetime field’s Date style property is set to ‘Omit date’ and its Show seconds property is ‘false’ (not checked), entering a time value of 23:59:30 or higher would round up to the next day, making the stored date 1/2/0001. It now rounds down to 23:59:00.


  1. These changes only affect typed input; adding via posting is unaffected.
  2. It is still possible to enter strings that create unexpected (but entirely predictable) results. (For fun: try to guess the result of 3/4/5/6.)
  3. This fix does not address previously stored data. If this is of concern, a query date ≥ 1/2/0001 can be used to identify such records.
Preference file name case mismatch R9439

Helix Preference Editor would not work correctly if the user’s Library folder was on a case-sensitive volume. This is fixed.

Registration: pasting a serial number with extra characters fails R9404

Although you can only type numbers into the registration dialog’s Serial Number field, you could paste any characters. Pasted text containing a linefeed was accepted as valid, but the next time you launched Helix, it asked for the registration data again. The Registration dialog now filters out linefeeds and spaces when data is pasted, fixing this bug. (If there are extra characters in the pasted text, they are now apparent in the dialog.)


Getting the ‘operator’ of a Delta Minutes tile returns ‘delta months tile’ R9381

Getting the operator of a ▣ ∆ Minutes ▣ tile was returning delta months tile because both tiles were using the code dmnO and ‘months’ was found first.

The ▣ ∆ Minutes ▣ tile now uses the code dmiO, so it can be properly identified by a script.

AppleScript can’t create posts without source and target values R9434

Option 2–4 posts can legitimately be constructed without source or target values, in which case a new record is always created. Attempting to create such a post was returning the error ‘Posting item requires a field or an abacus.’ This is fixed.