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Europa Preliminary Release 23 — 6.2b23 (5908) Companion TLW
Notice: Helix RADE 6.2 is now available only for Intel-based Macs.
Helix RADE changes since 6.2b22 (5905)

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New and Improved Features

User Editor (R7461)

The macOS User Editor is receiving a major make-over for macOS. In this release it is presented as a ‘read only’ editor (as we did with the template and abacus editors before) so you can begin to familiarize yourself with it. The next release will add editing capabilities.

There are still some refinements to the visual presentation to be done — removing the gray background, for example — but the form and function is essentially as it will be when we are done.

New feature: Non-Modal Editor: For the first time ever, the User editor window is non-modal. You can now open multiple users at once and leave user editor windows open while working on other parts of the collection. (Click the image on the right for a larger image showing multiple user editors open and overlapped with other editor windows.)

Enhanced feature: Inspector Based Editing: All properties of the user — and the selected menu item — are now presented in the Inspector.

The image on the right shows the Inspector as seen when editing a user. The properties of the user are always present, but in addition, additional properties are shown when a menu or menu item is selected.

In this image, the ‘Feature Requests’ menu item (see previous image) is selected, and the Inspector shows the menu name, the menu item — you can now tell at a glance whether the selected item is a view, sequence, etc. — and the properties for that menu item. In the case of a view, you can also see the view permissions which could only be seen in Classic by locating that view in the full list of views. This new method should provide a much more reliable way of setting permissions for a user.

Known Problems:

  • User menus can not be edited

    The User editor is currently read-only. The ability to add/move/remove items via drag and drop and to set properties via the Inspector will be available in the next release.

  • Setting view permissions for views not on a menu is problematic

    In its initial release, the workaround is to add the view to a menu, set the permissions, then remove it from the menu. The permissions will be retained.

  • The User editor is prone to crashing, particularly when a key is pressed on the keyboard.

    Avoid pressing keys — including CMD-W to close the window — when a User editor is frontmost. Make sure the Inspector is open before opening a User editor window.

    Do not commit or revert icons when a User editor window is open.

  • The User editor window has a gray background

    The background will be removed in a future release. (The ablity to create ‘oddly shaped windows’ is problematic in both macOS and wxWidgets.)

Bug Fixes

Preliminary Release 23 also contains a number of bug fixes which should bring added stability when working in Design Mode.

  • R7969: Many instances of crashing when a view is open during commit have been fixed.

    It may still be possible to trigger a crash by committing changes to icons while a view window is open. You may find it necessary to close views before committing changes, particularly to templates and abaci used by that view. If you have a specific reproducible case of this, please inform us.

  • R8112: Helix no longer tries to create clippings files greater than 16MB.

    The total size of a standard clippings file is limited to 16 MB by macOS itself. See note 5 of A future release of Helix RADE will work around this limitation (by creating our own clippings file format).

  • R8131: It is no longer possible to create a Lookup Summary tile that refers an illegal icon.

    Previous releases of Helix RADE 6.2 allowed any abacus or field as the target of a Lookup ◊ Summary In ◊ tile. All four methods of creating an abacus — Drag and Drop, AppleScript, Expression property, Tile Socket popup — now limit the legal choices to an abacus that is a summary calculation that does not include any Sub-… ◊ for ◊ = ◊ in ◊ tiles that reference form tiles or inert fields. (A Use ◊ From ◊ tile that refers to an inert field is allowed.)

    It should be noted that any illegal constructions that were created with prior verisons of Helix RADE 6.2 simply return undefined. There is no danger of collection damage or faulty results from this.

  • R8132: Helix no longer crashes when applying clippings containing the odd combination of keyword fields and references to subforms.

    When a keyword field is applied from a clipping (or pasted from the clipboard) its index must be rebuilt. Rebuilding a keyword index also requires the rebuilding of some internal tables in that relation. When the clipping subsequently applied a subform that referenced that relation, the required internal tables had not yet been created, leading to this crash. Helix RADE now recognizes this case and handles it accordingly.

  • R8141: A spurious abacus tile no longer highlights after the abacus is committed.

    An odd situation was observed where some tile within an abacus would re-highlight after the abacus was committed. This in turn signaled to Helix that the abacus had been changed (the selected object has changed) which caused the abacus to be eligible for commitment again, ad infinitum. Helix now properly tracks the changes in an abacus, including the selected portions.

  • R8143: A 7602 error that could occur when rebuilding a fragile index is fixed.

    If a fragile index is built on an abacus that uses an index for optimization (e.g: Lookup ◊ for ◊ = ◊ in ◊ where there is an index on the icon in the second hole) and that index is scheduled for rebuilding, but has not yet been rebuilt, Helix now postpones the building of the fragile index until the optimizing index is rebuilt.

  • R8144: A bug that caused complex calculations to alternately work, then fail has been fixed.

    In the words of our lead engineer, “this is a manifestation of the dreaded ‘Heisenbug.’ It’s a bug that changes whenever you look at it. And as usual, the only way to see it is to not look at it.” In this case, the failure was that a portion of the calculation would return undefined, which would be immediately obvious unless it was masked by an Undefined ◊ Becomes ◊ tile. The root cause of this bug is still a bit hazy to us, but after applying the fixes in this build, no known cases are failing.

Backward Compatibility

Europa remains backwards compatible with all versions of RADE from 6.0 forward.

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