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Europa 6.2b13 (5821) Companion TLW
Helix Utility

The first release of Helix Utility 6.2 is available. The new version runs only on Intel Macs with macOS 10.5 through 10.14.

Helix Utility is found in “Helix Diagnostics” folder of the Preliminary Release 13 disk image. To install it, simply drag it to your applications folder. (It is also available in the Interim builds folders: look for

Helix Utility 6.2 is not a simple port of the the old Helix Utility; it is rewritten from the ground up, and features an honest-to-goodness modern user interface. (A screenshot can be seen in the companion TLW article, linked above.) The interface features tabbed panels for each of the main functions, and an Activity Log that provides details that were formerly only available through a hidden diagnostic mode.

The multi-step process of opening, checking, and closing a collection is gone: once a collection has been added to the file list, all it takes is one click to verify the health of a collection.

The first release has just two buttons enabled: Verify and Repair. We tested those thoroughly and are confident they are ready for use. The less-frequently used functions of Helix Utility will be enabled in a future release.

Helix RADE: What’s changed since 6.1b12 (5812)

Helix RADE 6.3b13 (5821) has been recalled. Please check your email for details.

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New Graphic User Interface Features

  • 7463: The Post icon editor is now complete.

Bug Fixes & Improvements

General Fixes

  • 7684: Sequences created in macOS RADE no longer trigger a crash when going into User Mode.

    However, running a sequence that was created in RADE 6.2 will still trigger a crash if the sequence contains an icon reference step. The only fix for this is to recreate the sequence and delete the crashing one.

  • 7708: Creating a new collection in Helix RADE 6.2 now sets the sort and search table correctly.

    Pre-existing collections created in Helix RADE 6.2 require a manual fix to correct the bug. See this technote for details.

User Mode (Data Entry)

  • 7683: Delete All in a sequence no longer skips records

    The “Delete All” and “Delete Selection” commands now delete the records in last-to-first order. If interrupted, it is the records at the end of the list that have been deleted, not those at the front, as was the case before.

Graphic Interface

  • 7596: Quick View references for icons that are part of a dynamic popup defined at the field level are now shown in the “Where Used” window for that icon.

    These references have never before been reported by Helix RADE.

  • 7699: Adding certain queries to a Power Query no longer results in structural damage.
  • 7704: An open Quick Query no longer triggers minor maintenance.
  • 7706: Views are now automatically switched into Show Form mode when a collection is opened if they are available on a user’s menus.

    In all prior versions of Helix, a view in “Show Setup” or “Show Posting” mode would be disabled on all user menus. Helix now automatically enables all valid views that are placed on user menus, avoiding accidental disabling.


  • 7681: The Locking Quick Query property now works correctly.


  • 6947: the do menu command no longer fails with 290 error when the menu item is enabled.
  • 7662: Adding or Removing the Design Mode menu item for a user now properly sets the ‘design mode available’ property.
Backward Compatibility

Europa remains backwards compatible with all versions of RADE from 6.0 forward.

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