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Europa 6.2b12 (5812) Companion TLW

Note: Some users have reported crashes with build 5812 that we have traced back to Quick Query panels.
Be sure to close any entry views that rely on a Quick Query before saving or switching to or from User Mode.

What’s changed since 6.1b11 (5792)

Now that all icons have a commit/revert facility, greater care must be taken to track changes as they happen, so as to be able to revert them when desired. Consequently, this month’s primary focus was on cleaning up the “under the hood” action that goes on when editing icons.

Consequently, the “New Features” list is short, and most of the action is found in the “Bugs Fixed” list.

Helix 6.2b12 also improves the Inspector so that most property changes are reflected immediately in the icon’s open window. This allows you to experiment with various settings without doing a “Commit” to judge their effect. (Some changes — such as removing the close box from a view window — can not be instantly reflected and do not appear until the icon is committed.)

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New Graphic User Interface Features

  • R7464: The graphic interface for setting up views is complete.

    Most changes in the Inspector are shown immediately if the view is open, providing a preview of the effect of the change. However, changes to widgets in the title bar (e.g: zoom box) can not be previewed, and are not shown until the change is committed.

    Changes that invalidate a view, such as choosing a template that contains subforms, cause the view to close. Once the setup is complete, the view can be reopened and previewed before committing the change.

  • R7551: Popup menus now show an icon for each line to help identify object type.
  • R7611: Support for Cold ‘Form Query’ added.

    As with views, the text “ (Cold)” is appended to the title when the query is cold. To apply the query, you must close the window. (If you are in Design Mode, you can also apply it by committing a change via the Inspector.

Bug Fixes & Improvements

General Fixes

  • R7505: Unused icons can now be deleted even when non-deletable icons are also selected.
  • R7583: Applying structure no longer triggers a crash when a view with post selections in multiple columns is applied.
  • R7620: A collection saved with a ‘form query’ open is no longer reported as damaged.
  • R7630: Some minor damage is now corrected when a collection is opened, avoiding a crash.
  • R7667: An ancient bug that could create and illegal posting situation by switching templates has been fixed.
  • A user’s view permission no longer restrict activity in Design Mode.
  • Correct a situation where the old Update Collection application was ignoring structural damage.

User Mode (Data Entry)

  • R7542: Documents can be stored in records again.
  • R7553: Closing an entry view no longer triggers a crash.
  • R7593: Views no longer open with first editable field in upper left corner under some circumstances.
  • R7600: Sequences no longer generate a false error when a view is opened.
  • R7624: An open view is now refreshed when an attached cold ‘form query’ is closed.

Graphic Interface

  • R7385: Eliminated the arrow key/selection quirks in collection and relation windows.
  • R7443: The View menu is no longer incorrectly activated when a view has been opened.
  • R7531: Clicking a collection or relation window into edit mode no longer deselects that row.
  • R7550: Option 0 posting setup now allows “source icon only” style.
  • R7558: Creating a new icon now fully selects it.
  • R7584: Specifying a new view template w/subform works.
  • R7599: Name, Custom Name, Comments are now stored correctly even when the column order is changed.
  • R7615: Data is no longer displayed in the wrong column of collection/relation windows when the column order is rearranged.
  • R7617: Command-Option clicking an icon no longer crashes.
  • R7642: Deleting uncommitted structure no longer triggers a crash.
  • Opening a new Quick Query now property pre-loads the query with the selected field.
  • The default width of the Custom Name column in a new collection/relation no longer clips the label.
  • Added Europa Pioneers to Easter Egg.


  • R7549: Switching the view’s Cold form property now updates the view’s title accordingly.
  • R7576: the View Mode property is now read only, as it always should have been.
  • R7557: The disclosure triangle column is no longer resizable.
  • R7589: Form Query now shows property changes immediately.
  • R7614: Handling of the Keyword property is now consistent with Classic.
  • R7618: Abacus Common Calculation property has been added.
  • R7643: Tabbing in the Inspector window is more logical.
  • R7675: Improved label of the Selectable Indexes row for ‘entry order’ sorting.
  • The Inspector and all dialogs opened from it can be resized meaningfully.
  • Corrected miscellaneous case errors and terminology inconsistencies in property labels.
  • Aligned posting label terminology with new convention.


  • R7395: Getting the icon of the properties of a window no longer triggers a crash.
  • R7581: Setting location of a view no longer crashes.
  • R7582: The HxAllowSubformCropping preference is no longer ignored.
  • R7604: Removing one user menu when only two exist no longer removes both.
  • R7605: Getting the Enter menu item no longer returns a bogus key binding.
  • R7606: The set permissions for command is working properly again.
  • R7608: Getting user menus no longer occasionally includes some of that user’s hierarchal menus.
  • Changed class: sequence step to simply step.
  • Miscellaneous corrections and improvements in the dictionary.
  • Added synonyms for collection, relation, template, and all rectangle classes.
Backward Compatibility

Europa remains backwards compatible with all versions of RADE from 6.0 forward.

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