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What’s changed since 6.1b10 (5785)

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Inspector Improvements

In the space of a single month, we have made dramatic progress in increasing the number of Helix properties available for editing in its Graphic User Interface (GUI), either through the Inspector or other graphic interface elements, such as dialogs.

Without requiring the use of AppleScript, more than 80% of Helix’s functionality is now accessible through the Inspector.

Because the list is so large, we have created a separate technote that provides an “at-a-glance” overview, showing which properties are already available in the GUI and the status of those yet to be completed. This chart will serve as our “progress meter” and will be updated periodically until the project is finished.

Here is a summary of the current state of each Helix icon:

  • Collection: 100% GUI; View by Icon/View by Name not yet available.
  • Relation: 100% GUI; View by Icon/Name not yet available.
  • Sequence: 4 of 4 Properties; step editor in progress.
  • User: 4 of 4 Properties; Menu construction in progress.
  • Abacus: 3 of 3 Properties; Drag-and-drop tile construction not yet available.
  • Field: 9 of 9 Properties; 100% GUI
  • Form Query: 2 of 2 Properties; 100% GUI
  • Index: Construction by GUI not yet available, work in progress.
  • Post: 1 of 7 Properties; Complete except for triplet construction, work in progress.
  • Power Query: 3 of 3 Properties; 100% GUI
  • Template: 4 of 5 Properties; Rectangle construction not yet available.
  • View: 35 of 41 Properties; Subform and Post linking not yet completed, work in progress.

Other improvements in the Inspector have been made as well:

  • R7226: Window coordinates can now be read and set
  • R7500: The Icon and Window properties are split into separate sections, and the Window properties are hidden for icons that do not respond to them
  • R7509: The Inspector can now specify ‘none’ in places where that is a valid option
  • R7511: The expression of a tile validation is now shown in the Field Properties; clicking this line opens the tile validation dialog
  • R7512: Changing the Window Properties now activates commit/revert when appropriate
  • R7514: The Form Query Inspector now includes Window Properties
  • R7515: The Inspector is no longer of a fixed width; lines are no longer of a fixed height
  • R7526: Very long text can now be seen and edited
  • R7529: Changing the View Inspector’s Current Index or View Query property now updates (on commit) the view if it is open.
  • R7538: The View Inspector Current Index and Default Index properties now have separate settings
  • R7543: The Abacus Inspector now includes the data type property (read only)
  • R7552: The Form Query Inspector now includes the expression property (read only)
  • The Abacus Inspector now includes the common calculation property
  • The “novice” and “expert” validations are now known as tile validation and abacus validation respectively.
  • Cold Form (also known as ‘Keep Current’) is now found in the Window Properties section
  • Seldom used property sections are closed by default
  • Changes made in other places are shown much more consistently. (Open the Location Properties section and drag a view around!)
  • Rows can now be resized by click and drag; cursor changes to show action
  • Properties that contain long text now wrap when the row is expanded vertically
  • The property name column should now be wide enough for the widest title
  • After editing a property, pressing Tab moves to the next editable property

Graphic User Interface (GUI) Improvements

  • R7213: The Commit Changes dialog no longer appears multiple times when autosave is enabled
  • R7349: Opening a view with invalid template automatically creates a Quick Entry or Quick List

    To create a Quick List, open the view and hold the Option key down while choosing “== None ==” for the View Template in the Inspector.

  • R7424: Choosing “Show Icon” now shows and completely selects the icon
  • R7449: Rebuilding an index now updates open list views
  • R7452: The column width and position in Collection/Relation windows is now retained
  • R7462: The Power Query Editor is complete
  • R7468: The new icons are now used everywhere
  • R7543: Inconsistent use of 'Content' vs 'Contents' has been addressed
  • Tabbing has been improved:
    • Only editable cells are part of the tabbing order
    • If the current selection is the last item in the row, selection goes to the first editable cell of the next row
    • If the current selection is the last item in the last row, selection goes to the first editable cell of the first row (Wrap around)
    • Shift-Tabbing works in reverse: the logical expectations are fulfilled.
  • The default font size is increased from 10 to 12 point.
  • The Apply Structure dialog now shows Icons in bold, References in plain
  • The Apply Structure dialog better supports type selecting in the source/target lists
  • Pending changes for a window are now automatically committed when the window is closed.
  • Open windows are notified when pending changes are reverted, since the window may need to refresh.
  • The Copy All Records and Paste All Records commands have been renamed, removing the word ‘All’ — this improves the GUI in that it also covers copy or paste of selected records.
  • The process of checking structure when a collection is opened is now separated from the save that occurs at the end of the open. This fixes an issue where a damaged collection can not report on the damage because it can not be opened. Check on open may be disabled with the boolean "HxCheckStructureOnOpen" preference.

AppleScript Improvements

  • R7396: Setting or modifying user menu item key bindings works much better
  • R7520: Normalize template works as it should
  • When working in User Mode, changes to the current user menu are immediately available after commit
  • These elements have been renamed:
    • property "left hand side constant" -> "primary constant" (code lhsV)
    • property "right hand side constant" -> "secondary constant" (code rhsV)
    • property "novice validation" -> "tile validation" (code Lnrs)
    • property "order index" -> "current index" (code Lidx)
    • enumerator "Contains" -> "contains" (case change only)
  • These descriptions have been improved:
    • Validation operators
    • Quick Query operators
    • property "validation calculation"
    • property "storage type"
    • property "current index"

Bug Fixes

  • These bugs in the GUI are fixed:
    • R7506: A crash that occurs when a damaged collection is opened no longer prevents the structure check log from being written
    • R7518: Paste All Records on a list refreshes correctly when the last line is not terminated
    • R7519: Copy Records no longer adds one extra character to the clipboard
    • R7528: A crash when choosing Delete All Data has been resolved
  • These bugs in the Inspector are fixed:
    • R7510: Switching field property for validation type from expert (abacus) to novice (tile) no longer crashes
    • R7527: A crash while editing text in Inspector or Collection/Relation window has been resolved
    • R7541: A crash when creating an invalid AEL expression in the Inspector has been fixed
    • Fixed numerous places where a second change to a format would cause a crash
  • These bugs in the Apply Structure dialog are fixed:
    • R7504: Apply Structure now correctly deletes non-replaced icons
    • R7522: Applying structure with a template now places the data rectangle icon locations correctly on an Intel Mac
    • R7523: A crash when applying an entire collection has been resolved
    • R7535: A crash when creating a new icon in the Apply Structure dialog has been resolved
Backward Compatibility

Europa remains backwards compatible with all versions of RADE from 6.0 forward.

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