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Europa 6.2b10 (5785) Companion TLW
What’s changed since 6.1b9 (5775)

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New Graphic User Interface Features

  • R7459: Form Query Editor via Inspector

    You can now specify the template used by a form query via the Inspector. This completes the Form Query Editor.


    • Query Template
  • R7460: Sequence Editor via Inspector (Partial)

    You can now specify all of the properties of a sequence via the Inspector. Still missing is the ability to edit the steps of a sequence.

    Active properties:

    • Display Dialogs (Always, Optionally, Never)
    • Message Options (Standard, Custom, None)
    • Custom Message Text
    • On Error, Display Message
  • R7464: View Editor via Inspector (Partial)

    You can now specify a few properties of a view via the Inspector. (This only scratches the surface.)

    Active properties:

    • View Template
    • View Query
    • Default Index
    • Shade Defaulted Fields
    • Shade Invalid Fields
    • Notify on Change

Miscellaneous Improvements

  • R6197: the User Authentication window is wider.
  • R7472: Inspector can now hide/show sections by clicking on the disclosure triangle, or by double clicking on the section header.
  • These improvements have been made to the Apply Structure dialog:
    • The dialog now has a title: Apply Structure.
    • R7418: The “Delete Non-Replaced Icons” option is now available.
    • R7437: A progress bar has been added to provide feedback.
    • R7479: All controls now have keyboard equivalents.
    • R7496: The dialog now remembers its size from session to session.
    • The linking algorithm has been improved to link first by name, then by the internal ID. This should result in near 100% matching when updating a collection, regardless of whether icons have been renamed.
    • Instead of showing just the collection, the source icon list is displayed. For very large operations (more than 500 objects by default) only the top level (relation, sequence, user) icons are shown.
    • The new macOS internal icons are used.
    • Icons are sorted by kind, and each kind is sorted alphabetically.
    • The icon sort is now case-insensitive.
    • Option-clicking on the disclosure triangle next to the collection icon toggles all interior icons.
    • The Ignore label now reads Skip
    • When an icon list is selected, Fast Find typing now works with all characters, not just alphanumerics.
    • When an icon list is selected, pressing the left arrow key on an icon within a relation moves the selection to the parent relation. Pressing the left arrow key again closes that relation. Pressing the left arrow on that closed line moves the selection up the the previous line.
    • When an icon list is selected, the Page Up, Page Down, Home & End keys now do the "Mac natural" thing.
    • When “Delete Non-Replaced Icons” is checked, a dialog is displayed when potentially deleting data because of deleting non-replaced fields.
    • See this technote for more information on the Apply Structure dialog.
  • The generic progress dialog code (used in various places) no longer treats the "Elapsed time" and "Remaining time" as a group. They can be separated when the remaining time can not be accurately gauged.

Bug Fixes

  • These bugs in the Apply Structure process are fixed:
    • R7446: Paste no longer fails when a format error is encountered.
    • R7456, R7492: Crashes observed when pasting entire collections are resolved.
    • R7467: An autosave while the dialog is open no longer results in a maintenance fix.
    • R7491: Clicking a linked relation when Links are not shown no longer hides the relation and its contents.
    • R7473: An abacus applied on an Intel Mac no longer incorrectly positions its 'jog handles.'
    • R7495: Some applied icons were not being linked to the correct target icon.
    • It is no longer necessary to click in the collection/relation window to enable the Copy & Paste menu commands.
  • R7481: Delete Data now properly informs views that data has been deleted.
  • R7483: Double clicking a sequence icon no longer tries to open the old QuickDraw-based window, leading to a crash.
  • R7493: Misspelled word "boundaries" in the Inspector is corrected.
  • R7498: Using the Inspector to modify an open window (view, form query) now enables all buttons instead of just "… All" pair.
  • These typos in AppleScript dictionary are corrected:
    • "Divison" -> "Division"
    • "invisble" -> "invisible"
    • "specied" -> "specified"
Backward Compatibility

Europa remains backwards compatible with all versions of RADE from 6.0 forward.

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