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Welcome to Helix 6.1.8
Helix 6.1.8 Release Notes

Helix 6.1.8 is a targeted release, designed to address a few key issues reported in 6.1.7. Consequently, the list of changes in Helix 6.1.8 is short. Click each section title to show or hide that portion of the Release Notes.

Linked bullet points take you to to technotes describing the change in greater detail. When an R-number is shown at the end of a line, it corresponds to a bug report that can be looked up in techdb.

What’s New (Bug Fixes)

The following bugs have been specifically addressed. Remember: these bugs are written in the 'negative' form, as though the bug still exists. All of these bugs have been fixed.

Server Specific Fixes

Client Specific Fixes

Client/Engine Fixes

Known Problems

Most of these reports affect only a very small subset of customers. Nonetheless, this is a complete list of problems that have been reported and confirmed in at least one situation. Workarounds, where they exist, are found in the techdb discussion related to the R-number shown.

Disabled Features

Three features available in Classic Helix are disabled in macOS, and will remain so for the indefinite future.

All of these features can be replicated (with extra code) in macOS.

Specification Changes

Outlines specification changes made during the transition from Classic to macOS. (Opens a separate page.)


Outlines behavioral differences between Helix in Classic and macOS. Similar to specification changes. (Opens a separate page.)

Other Notes

Helix 6.1.7 Release Notes — The release notes for the previous update

Helix 6.1.6 Release Notes — It was brought to our attention that the detailed notes regarding the improvements in Helix 6.1.6 were not made available to the public at that time. For this, we apologize.