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Welcome to Helix 6.1.7
Helix 6.1.7 Release Notes

Helix 6.1.7 is a targeted release, designed to address a few key issues reported in 6.1.6. Consequently, the list of changes in Helix 6.1.7 is short. Click each section title to show or hide that portion of the Release Notes.

Linked bullet points take you to to technotes describing the change in greater detail. When an R-number is shown at the end of a line, it corresponds to a bug report that can be looked up in techdb.

It was also brought to our attention that the more detailed notes regarding the improvements in Helix 6.1.6 were never made available to the public. For this, we apologize. You can see those notes here.

What’s New (Bug Fixes)

The following bugs have been specifically addressed. Remember: these bugs are written in the 'negative' form, as though the bug still exists. All of these bugs have been fixed.

Server Specific Fixes

  • Server does not show thermometer for index rebuilding (R6972)
  • Entry View (w/Quick Query) Crashes Server (R6985)
  • Server crashes when Client Quits (R7021)
  • AE Process Cancelled via Server Info is not fully Cancelled (R7029)
  • Logfile name truncated, missing extension, has generic icon (R7030)

Client Specific Fixes

  • Edit Username List can only be accessed once per log in (R6868)
  • Client crash when another user replaces a record that updates a list (R6878)
  • HxAutoConnect components do not work well together (R6939)
  • Client crashes when initiating a sequence (R6977)
  • Opening Structure after collection was updated crashes Client (R7007)
  • Save structure fails to ask permission before replacing existing file (R7031)

Client/Engine Fixes

  • Copy (and Cut) can fail in a sequence (R6903)
  • Dynamic Pop-Up Menus Using a Form Query Do Not Update (R6961)
  • Time Stamp Unavailable After Validation Error (R6988)
  • Closing an inert form with invalid data allows entry, then crashes (R6999)
  • Time Stamp in Combo Box crashes (R7000)
  • Allow Query Bypass is ignored (R7005)
  • Crash when replacing one document with another (R7006)
  • Installer deletes other Helix products (R7028)
  • Logfile name truncated, missing extension, has generic icon (R7030)
  • Views can not be resized smaller than 128 pixels square (R7032)
  • Open Recent Menu does not work with System Preference keyboard shortcuts (R7033)
  • Misleading button label when printing a record with unsaved changes
Known Problems

See the Helix 6.1.10 Release Notes.

Disabled Features

See the Helix 6.1.10 Release Notes.

Specification Changes

Outlines specification changes made during the transition from Classic to macOS. (Opens a separate page.)


Outlines behavioral differences between Helix in Classic and macOS. Similar to specification changes. (Opens a separate page.)

Other Notes

Helix 6.1.6 Release Notes