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The Helix Professional Designer Toolkit
What is it?

The Helix Professional Designer Toolkit is a set of products put together with the Helix professional in mind.

A Helix professional is someone whose job, or a part of whose job is to design, maintain or modify a Helix Collection. You may be doing it for your own business, or you may be employed by a business in an IT capacity. You may be doing it freelance for one or more clients, and you might even be developing and marketing applications based on Helix.

The core benefit of the Toolkit is the license to distribute Helix Engine along with a Helix-based database application at no additional cost.

What products are included in the Toolkit?

It works over the internet. This means that a Helix Client/Server Toolkit workgroup user can access his or her Helix Collection from anywhere in the house or office to anywhere in the world.

Helix Server keeps all your information in one location while you move around, working on a laptop, a machine at work, while your information is stored at home.

Components include:

  • A copy of Helix RADE 2CA.
  • A copy of Helix Engine which may be distributed along with collections
  • A 20% discount on subsequent purchases (not all products are discountable)

The Helix Professional Designer Toolkit is currently priced at $600.00. At present, it may only be purchased by calling the Helix Toll-Free number (+1.800.784.7018) and speaking to Gil Numeroff.

System Requirements

Intel Macintosh

macOS 10.6 or higher