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Learning AppleScript with Helix

Learning AppleScript with Helix is a self-paced training course designed to assist you in the process of learning AppleScript, and learning it with Helix RADE as the focal point. Learning AppleScript with Helix is designed to help you learn AppleScript faster by focusing on the parts of the language that matter most to a Helix user.

The first lessons teach the basics of AppleScript by teaching you to interact with User Mode. Available since the 1990s, User Mode interaction has previously been supported only by third party applications such as the Helix Scripting application, which has been acquired by QSA ToolWorks and used as the basis for AppleScript data access in Helix 6.2. (For customers still using Helix 6.1 and earlier, the Helix RADE Readiness Kit includes the Helix Scripting application.)

Later lessons change the focus to Design Mode scripting, which comes to Helix for the first time ever in Helix 6.2. Lessons show how to use AppleScript to accomplish tasks in a fraction of the time. With Learning AppleScript with Helix, you will learn how to make changes to your own collections faster than ever, with less downtime for your users.

Instructional Format

This training course comes in ‘newsletter’ format with each lesson being presented in article form. Each edition includes 4–6 articles, providing parallel courses of study. AppleScript pros can skip the foundational articles and get right to work leaning to modify Helix collections via AppleScript, while beginners have the resources they need to grow in knowledge.

Featured Lessons:

  • Getting Started: the Setup: Our checklist for setting up an effective AppleScript environment.
  • Establishing Style in AppleScript: A little basic instruction, with tips for developing a consistent style when writing scripts.
  • AppleScript and the Finder: Learn AppleScript by scripting the Finder: is that such a good idea?
  • User Mode Scripting: How to move data in and out of Helix.
  • Automating Processes: Learn to create scripts that run ‘on demand’ or on timed intervals, with our without user interaction.
  • Understanding Objects: Under the calm surface of a Helix collection is a sea of object oriented code. Learn what they are and how they interact to make Helix unique.
  • Design Mode Scripting: Dissect each Helix icon type and learn how to create and modify them via scripting.
  • Questions and Answers: Answers to your questions.

The Learning AppleScript with Helix — tutorial course is $49.00 USD. This price includes access to the course material, along with additional scripts and additional resources not made available to the general public.

Purchase Learning AppleScript with Helix through the QSA Web Store.

Extended Learning

The Learning AppleScript with Helix self-paced training makes frequent reference to two books in particular: Apple Training Series: AppleScript 1-2-3 by Sal Soghoian and AppleScript, the Definitive Guide by Matt Neuburg. Articles cross-reference sections in those books that correspond with material.

Clicking on a link on the right takes you to where you can purchase them (along with other AppleScript or Helix related titles that you might find helpful) and support QSA ToolWorks at the same time.

Superior Scripting

One of the hurdles of learning AppleScript is knowing the right words (the dictionary) to use to control a program. Many programs fall short in this area, and without a comprehensive guide, scripting can be a frustrating game of guesswork. Late Night Software’s Script Debugger bridges the gap, and we consider it an essential tool for working with AppleScript. Script Debugger ‘Explorer’ mode goes far beyond static documentation, and the ‘Single Step’ debugging mode lets you see exactly what your script does with every command. Lenny Eiger, a long-time Helix professional says: “I would highly suggest that if anyone uses AppleScript they take a look at Script Debugger. It has many more tools than Apple’s puny little Script Editor.”