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This page is your gateway to what others have to say about Helix (that we liked well enough to put on our website!). You'll read reviews, testimonials and be connected to the web sites of hundreds of Helix users around the globe.

In the Helix Museum, you'll find the complete works, both in advertising and editorial, of Helix marketing throughout its history. It will grow over time as we uncover more and more pieces. If you've found one we don't have, by all means contact us.

Also, as things move forward, we're hoping you'll come here and give us your opinions on things we're doing and thinking of doing in our Surveys section.

September 26, 2006
macOS Surveys

To our friends in the online Helix community:

As we move closer to testing our upcoming macOS native Client and Engine products, we have run into lots of obstacles, many of which have been detailed on the QSA web site. The solutions to some of these problems, after analyzing the pros and cons, have been relatively clear and we have made them without user input. However, some of the hurdles we encounter force us to make a difficult choice: do whatever is necessary to get Helix out in macOS as quickly as possible, even if that might require you to make some changes in the way you use Helix, or take as much time as we need to ensure maximum continuity?

Over the last few years we've tried various ways of getting feedback and we've learned that the fastest way is through simple web-based surveys. All of our surveys are listed on a single page on our web site.

Today we've added two new surveys so please visit that page, click each link in the "Current Surveys" section, and respond to our questions at your earliest convenience. This is your opportunity to influence the future of Helix. We expect to be conducting more surveys as the process of getting to macOS accelerates. Don't let the future take you by surprise. Be informed, and inform us!

Thanks in advance for your help.

With hope for the future,
Gil Numeroff
Matt Strange
& the Helix Recovery Team

February 22, 2007

You can now look over the responses (anonymously) and burrow deeper into them by logging in to our technical support database.